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Information about buying real estate in Germany
How to buy property in Germany?
Buying real estate in Germany is an opportunity for everyone. Foreigners can purchase residential, commercial real estate, land plots without budget restrictions. Additional costs for the purchase are 8.5% -12% of the cost of the object, the legal registration of the transaction takes 1-2 months.
Rental income in Germany
Investors buy German real estate to generate rental income in Germany. According to statistics, 56% of Germans live in rented housing, so renting is a reliable and profitable source. Renting an apartment in Munich and Berlin brings income - from 10 Euro / m² in the outskirts and up to 30 Euro / m² in the central areas. The annual return on residential real estate is 3.5%, studio apartments bring up to 4.5% of profit, commercial properties - up to 5.5%
Utilities in Germany - rates and prices
Utilities in Germany - paid by tenants. A two-room apartment has about 250 Euros of utilities.
How much is an apartment in Germany?
An apartment in Germany will cost about 5.800 Euro / m². Munich is the most expensive city, prices start from 10.500 Euro / m². Apartments in new buildings in Berlin with a central location are distinguished by a favorable price - from 7.300 Euro per square meter.
Real estate tax in Germany - who pays?
Real estate tax in Germany is a land tax that is paid by the owner annually. If the home or business is rented out, the land tax is borne by the tenant. When renting out, the landlord pays income tax.
How much is an apartment in Berlin?
The price of a secondary apartment in Berlin is from 4.668 € per m². A new comfort class building costs from 5.440 € / m², apartments in a new premium segment from 7.563 € / m². The cost of a 1-room apartment in the suburbs of Berlin starts from 220.000 €.
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